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Clean-Link Paint Stop Fiberglass Filters for Spray Booths(0.7m*91m*60mm)

Clean-Link Paint Stop Fiberglass Filters for Spray Booths(0.7m*91m*60mm)

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Unable to find the perfect size? No worries! Our paint booth filter media comes in a variety of sizes for your convenience. We also offer customization options, and if you're planning to place a bulk order, feel free to get in touch with us for personalized recommendations. Please note that purchasing 10 rolls or more qualifies you for a special discount.

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paint booth fiberglass air filter
paint booth fiberglass air filter
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Clean-Link glass fibre mats: The dry separation solution for paint shops

Overspray and its challenges
Overspray inevitably occurs during the painting process - a phenomenon in which some of the applied paint does not reach the workpiece. This misdirected paint mist must be removed in an environmentally friendly and efficient manner. This is where dry separation comes into play.

Why dry separation?
Dry separation is a method in which overspray is separated without the use of water or chemicals. This has the advantage that no paint sludge is produced, disposal costs are reduced and energy consumption is minimised.

Clean-Link glass fibre mats: Your solution for dry separation
Our glass fibre mats offer an efficient dry separation solution:

Optimal separation: The special structure of the glass fibre mats effectively separates the overspray.
Environmentally friendly: No use of water or chemicals, which reduces the ecological footprint.
Cost-efficient: Reduced operating costs and minimised energy consumption compared to other separation methods.
Applications and benefits

Controlled conditions: Our mats support the maintenance of optimum air quality standards in paint shops.
Versatility: Suitable for different paint types and application methods.
Ease of use: Our glass fibre mats are easy to install and change, reducing maintenance.
Why Clean-Link?
Clean-Link has been a trusted name in the air filtration industry for years. Our glass fibre mats are the result of extensive research and development to meet the requirements of modern paint shops.

For an efficient and environmentally friendly overspray separation solution, choose Clean-Link glass fibre mats. Contact us today for more information.