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Clean-Link Paint Stop Fiberglass Filters for Spray Booths(0.75m*20m*50mm)

Clean-Link Paint Stop Fiberglass Filters for Spray Booths(0.75m*20m*50mm)

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Unable to find the perfect size? No worries! Our paint booth filter media comes in a variety of sizes for your convenience. We also offer customization options, and if you're planning to place a bulk order, feel free to get in touch with us for personalized recommendations. Please note that purchasing 10 rolls or more qualifies you for a special discount.

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paint booth fiberglass air filter
paint booth fiberglass air filter
Paint Booth Filter Applications
Characteristics of spray booth filters
Tutorial on installing fibreglass air filters in paint booths
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Model PA-50/60 PA-100
Dicke (mm) 50/60 100
Gewicht (g/m²) 240 320
Luftgeschwindigkeit (m/s) 0.7-1.5 0.7-1.75
Anfangswiderstand (Pa)
15 20
Endwiderstand (Pa) 250 280
Max. Temperaturbeständigkeit (°C) 170 170
Max. Staubaufnahmemenge (g/m²) 3200-3600 3200-4900
Durchschnittliche Gewichtseffizienz (%) 93% 96%

Product features: Our filters for painting systems are characterised by excellent elasticity and a fluffy structure. They retain their shape even under pressure, allowing optimum utilisation of the entire filter material to effectively collect paint mist and sticky dust. The filter mat has a high-strength structure made of glass fibre with progressive density. On the inlet side (green), the structure is loose, while the fibre density gradually increases towards the outlet side (white). This enables exceptional filtration and capture of colour particles without obstructing the filter surface. In addition, our separation mats show exceptional corrosion resistance and can withstand various solvents, acids, alkalis and high temperatures. The frame of the mat can be chosen from cardboard, galvanised iron or aluminium alloy depending on your requirements.

Applications: Our filters for paint shops are ideal for separating paint mists in paint shops, for paint filtration and in paint booths. They ensure efficient and reliable capture of paint particles, resulting in a clean working environment and high-quality painting results.

Clean-Link air filter mats for commercial vehicle paint shops

Customisation options: We offer the ability to manufacture customised specifications, dimensions and thicknesses for our paint shop filters. Contact us to discuss your individual requirements.

Our 'Clean-Link' paint line filters provide the ideal solution for paint mist separation and filtration in paint shops and spray booths. They are characterised by high filtration performance and lasting quality, which optimally supports your painting processes.